Sofa Stefania

Sofa Stefania is a good example of the classic style adapted to the modern terms of life. Such variant of sofa it will be perfect to look in a pond state scum room and not only. Elegant, but durable framework is made on Italian technology from the hard breeds of tree, such as an ash or beech. Lacquered coverage  presence of patina and material for upholstering, conforms to the customer. Sofa not folding, it is possible to order a few soft pillows, they will complement character of sofa. In a complete set to this sofa, it is possible to order an arm-chair Stephani. Complete set of model Stefania, finally will give a comfort and atmosphere in Your house. Arm-chair Stephania you can look in the division of Armchairs.

  • depth 760 mm, height 890 mm