Sofa London

A sofa London has the figured back, deep landing place and high elbow-rests. A back is done with outdents in a technician Capitonne. Due to the great choice of fabrics, skin and different fittings you can “dress” a sofa under Your interior. The wooden legs of sofa can be painted to your notice. Modifying this model maybe by means of skirt on the lower slat of sofa. In some variants she is executed by a direct skirt, and in some by a skirt with a fringe. Also a sofa decorates the decorative edging undoubtedly. This model can be made in an angular variant. A sofa can be folding, it maybe to set a mechanism for a daily dream (Italy) or guest mechanism (Ukraine). In a complete set to the sofa you can buy the arm-chairs of this model. Arm-chairs you can look in the division of Armchairs.

  • depth 980 mm, height 980 mm