Sofa Elizabeth

Sofa Elisabeth will be a wonderful choice and you will remain high pleased. At a sofa high back, soft landing, elbows of sofa and a lower slat is decorated by a nail ribbon. The design of this sofa envisages a few variants of making for creation of individual style. To your notice it is possible to combine upholstering of sofa. For a change it maybe to make elbow-rests and lower slat in a skin. Wooden supports can be painted to your notice. A few decorative pillows are included in a complete set. Wide choice of fabric, skin and fittings will help to pick up a necessary decision. A sofa can be folding, it maybe to set a mechanism for a daily dream (Italy) or guest mechanism (Ukraine). In a complete set to the sofa you can buy arm-chairs. Arm-chairs you can look in the division of Arm-chair..

  • Dimension (d * w * h), mm: 2050 * 1050 * 960