Restaurant complex Trypillya

Furniture factory Yavorina manufactured upholstered furniture for the hotel and restaurant complex Trypillya located on the Novoobukhovskaya highway, Podhortsy village. It is considered one of the best places for leisure time. Designers and architects tried to take the most of the Tripoli civilization beauty. The exclusive design emphasizes the Tripoli culture and cozy atmosphere, the suites combine the cultures of France and Morocco. The interior of the
complex is stylish and comfortable. It is a great place for leisure activities. Furniture factory Yavorina manufactured chairs Roma for the restaurant and conference hall, a complete set of furniture for the suites in Moroccan and French styles. We made several pieces of furniture upon customer`s request, namely: beds, bed cabinets, desks, wardrobes, radius sofas, upholstered sofas, upholstered chairs, banquettes, chairs, and bar stools.