Dining tables are multi-functional, much more than just somewhere to eat, it is also a centre point for your dining room or kitchen for having family meals, celebratory dinners and chats with friends.

It’s the room where we all come together to share food, stories and smiles. If you like entertaining friends or love getting the family together in the evenings for a meal, having a great quality dining table and dining room chairs is a must. Here at YAVORINA we know that every home and every family has different needs and different tastes, so whether you’ve got a dining room fit for a banquet or a cosy breakfast area, we’ve got the perfect table and chairs for you.

You can also use your dining table as a mini home office with your lap top or somewhere to read your magazine or make notes. Kitchen tables have always been a focal point for daily household life so make sure you select the right one for you. We have a range of designer tables and popular branded dining tables such as ROMA with beautiful Originals Plank Dining Table.

If you’re lucky enough to have a dining room, complement your new dining table and chairs with some great pieces of furniture from Furniture Factory Yavorina. Our range of sofas and armchairs units look fantastic in large dining rooms. To find out more about our dining room tables and chairs or any other pieces in our range of furniture and accessories, visit the Yavorina website today.