Making upholstered furniture means full responsibility of Yavorina Furniture Factory before its customers. We have modern equipment at the manufacturing site that allows us to do the job of any complexity without compromising on quality. We offer a wide variety of furniture for home, office, restaurants, hotels and other institutions. We manufacture reliable, functional upholstered furniture influencing the convenience and comfort of your room. In this section, we would like to draw your attention to the standard models of our sofas as well as to the fact that the sofas from the manufacturer can be customized to suit your individual sizes and according to your individual design.


Large choice of fabrics, accessories, varnishing and painting materials allows us to manufacture exactly the furniture you would like to have. In our catalog you will find various versions of sofas: straight, corner, modular, leather, transforming sofas, bed sofas. After all, furniture is one of the most essential elements in any interior, and custom-made furniture is always an opportunity to purchase what you want. Many of our models can be folded for different bedding sizes. We offer working parts for daily sleep (made in Italy) and guest version (made in Ukraine). At your discretion, it is possible to add armchairs, ottomans, and stools of various configurations to the sofas.


Our opportunities offer increased benefits to you because beautiful furniture will always decorate any interior. Our production facilities also allow manufacturing sofas in great amounts for trade sales. The warranty period is 18 months; delivery within the territory of Ukraine is available. Furniture manufactured by Yavorina is always only quality coinciding invariably with your desires!