А Dining Chairs - Мебельная фабрика Яворина

Our production facilities include our own buildings with modern high-tech equipment. In 2003, we acquired an Italian numerically controlled machine to manufacture wood products. This machine enables making distinctive, complex, exquisite patterns on the products, as well as execution of individual high-quality orders and chairs from the manufacturer wholesale over a short period of time. Like any classic, wooden chairs are always in fashion; this is why they are selected by people who want to show their status and taste. The goal of Yavorina furniture factory is to make them as practical and durable as possible. All these tasks are successfully fulfilled when soft chairs made of wood are manufactured. The shape of legs can have different configurations, and the legs themselves can have different height. Their main requirement is stability. All products are made of solid beech or ash, because only wood can last for a long time, and this is the only material that can provide warmth and comfort. We use high-
quality varnishing and coating materials, and we have a variety of coating options of different colors, as well as coating with aging. Wide selection of fabric, leather, high-quality eco-leather and accessories will help to make the right choice. You can find standard models of chairs, dining chairs, chairs for living rooms, armchairs,
lounge armchairs, bar stools, high-backed bar stools in our catalog; our designer chairs and standard models for restaurants, cafes, and hotels can be found in our portfolio. The warranty period is 18 months. The delivery is available within the territory of Ukraine. Due to application of advanced technologies and constant research of consumers’ demard, Yavorina furniture factory is confident and optimistic about the future.